One Year Alcohol Addiction Recovery Coaching & Energy Healing

One Year Alcohol Addiction Recovery Coaching & Energy Healing


The traditional route of alcohol addiction recovery just doesn’t butter your muffin. Whether you’ve tried it in the past or you’ve read the 12 steps, you know that you need something different.

A program where you’re encouraged to gain empowerment, learn about yourself, travel the spiritual path, and develop a loving relationship with yourself.

You’re also aware that us humans are energetic beings so you want to get your energy moving around in your body. Because if you do, you’ll heal immensely.

Basically, if you can have someone who has struggled with their own addiction so knows about the trials and tribulations and just so happens to be an energy healer, you’d be in heaven.

You would rejoice in having guidance on how to be successful in your recovery journey while deepening your spiritual practices.

As someone who did struggle with alcohol addiction for over a decade before I got sober, I’m all too familiar with the nuances of what it entails to be in sobriety. And especially how the beginning stages can feel more like the road to perdition. Also, as a deep energy healer (I get into your subconscious mind) to remove the blockages which resulted in your addictive behavior, together, we’re able to create a life that you know you’re worthy of having.

You just need a gentle force to aid you.

Answer the questions that you have about life in sobriety.

Helps you in cultivating a deeper connection with the Divine.

Walks you through an 11-step program that promotes vitality and self-growth.

Guides you in banishing those sugar cravings.

Assists with getting your hormones in check.

Remove stagnant and toxic energy that’s been lingering in your body.

Promotes the rebirth of a brand new you.

Supports your goals.

Boosts your confidence.

Facilitates compassionate and sincere advice.

Reinforces your purpose in life as a sober person.

Takes you away from shame and humiliation into the doorway of happiness and abundance.

Lends a helping hand to you and your decisions from here on out.

Supports you in finding the WHY behind your dis-ease.

Someone who wants you to be the provocateur of your revolution.

If this sounds like what you need to be successful in your road to recovery and travel from perdition to utopia, then click here to schedule a 45 minute free consultation with me.

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