You just left rehab or successfully completed a detox program, where you felt great, like you were ready to tackle on the world with your new found sobriety. But, now being in the real world, faced with life’s everyday burdens, you feel scared and vulnerable. Not knowing what the next minute will bring, the one certainty that you have is your willingness and desire to abstain from alcohol.

The humiliation hangover is starting to take affect.

Your family and friends-how do you face them?

Who are you now without alcohol in your life?

Hobbies- what are they?!? After all, drinking was your favorite past time.

Drinking was the one constant in your life; the only thing that you could rely on when the going got tough. And let’s face it; the only thing that kept you going until it didn’t.

There will be struggles. There will be psychological warfare. There will be pain and suffering. As Marquis de Sade so eloquently said, “It is always by pain one arrives at pleasure.”

But that doesn’t mean you have to endure this on your own. You can have the help you need to guide you in your own healing journey.

You want the help, but you don’t want the formality and sterileness of therapy.

You want someone who has shared the same struggles as you; you want the mirror image of yourself. Because they would get it.

They understand what it’s like to battle their own inner demons and come out on the other side.

They traveled into the abyss of their own darkness and managed to find the light.

As a survivor of my own addiction with alcohol, I’m all too familiar with facing the every day nuances of life in recovery.

In this 30 day intensive alcohol recovery and energy healing program that is specially curated for you based on your needs, we restructure both your mind and your life.

Through discussion sessions and energy healing conducted remotely, you are well equipped to be the architect of your own life; the warrior you’re meant to be.

I help shift your mind by focusing on the holistic approach to aid you in your own recovery.

We focus on the tools that can be implemented so that you can be successful with your sobriety.

We do this everyday. Yes, everyday. For 30 days straight.

Monday-Friday will be discussion and energy healing sessions.

Saturday and Sunday will entail check in emails.

There will be homework assignments. It may seem juvenile to you, but it’s about shape shifting your past patterns and behaviors and forming new ones to lead you into a better improved version of yourself.

In reshaping your paradigms and indoctrinations, you regain your power.

It’s about shifting both your conscious and subconscious minds so that you have the willpower to live a life free of alcohol.

Through my gentle force, you will come into your individual realization of your own empowerment.

In taking the holistic approach to living a wholelistic life where I guide you to see your own potential of living a sober life.

You can do this.

Take action now for the life you need.

Rewrite your story.

Be the provocateur of your revolution.

If you would like to schedule a free one hour consultation to see if we’re the right fit for one another, please send me an email at eva@cleencarma.com.

Or if you are certain that we’re the right fit based on what you’ve read, you can purchase below and I will send you a health history form along with your availability so that we can get you to where you wish to be.

I look forward to hearing from you!