Kaizen your way towards your goals

While Kaizen may seem foreign to you, it is a Japanese word, translating to change for good.

Let's start with a little background before we discuss how the philosophy behind the business model can be applied to your life.

The method was developed by an American businessman right after WWII to aid the Japanese in restructuring their economy. Because their resources were scarce, they didn't have the financial means to splurge on drastic changes to stimulate their fiscal growth. So, instead of spending money they didn't have, small changes were implemented. Surely but slowly, the Japanese economy boomed.

Yes, this is a business model, but it can also be applied to your personal life. All you gotta do is spend 1% of your day to improve upon what you wish to change. That's only 15 minutes per day!

Say, you want to be more fit but feel that you don't have the time to devote an hour a day to exercising, just devote 15 minutes per day to getting in shape. Do a HIIT workout, run, yoga, jump roping, or whatever it is that piques your interest to start getting in shape.

Maybe you want to eat healthier but your pantry is filled with processed no hood for you foods. Spend 15 minutes a day cleaning out your pantry so that you have no choice in the matter. And then continously devote 15 minutes per day researching different foods that suit your lifestyle along with recipes.

Or you want to read more. Spend 15 minutes a day reading.

Anything that you can think of that you want to further develop or conquer, just simply apply this method into your daily routine. With time, you will see a drastic transformation.

The art of Kaizen is that the small improvements will eventually turn into great accomplishments. Because in spending 1% a day to developing what you would like, you'll wind up spending more time on your goals when it eventually becomes a habit. Once you get the hang of things and get acclimated to venturing out of your comfort zone, you'll only not only want, but expect more from yourself and your life.

Now, you obviously will not see results tomorrow, but that's not the point. The objective isn't instant gratification here. The goal is to make small daily improvements everyday for a better tomorrow. And if you start now, I guarantee you that you'll already feel more motivated and 10 times better about yourself.

Try it out! And share it with anyone who may benefit from the Kaizen method.

Eva WexlerComment