Wanna vibe higher? Try these 3 simple techniques to instantly raise your vibration

We come across all these social media posts about how we should have positive thoughts only because that will create our reality and how we should banish all negativity from our existence.

There's so much truth to that but we don't live in a world filled with love and compassion. From far it depending on where you live.

Here's where I'd like to challenge those posts.

First and foremost, our thoughts don't create our realities. Our thoughts become energies which will then physically manifest.

So, even if you have a positive thought, but your energy isn't in alignment with the thought, you're not gonna vibe on a higher level.

Just how do we come to elevate our train of thought so that we can be in alignment with the Universe? Because in doing so, we know that once we vibe higher, we'll turn our dreams into reality?

Here are a few ways to get you started:

1- Cut down on sugar

Sugar is seven times more addictive than cocaine. Read that again. Let it sink in. Which means that every time we put refined sugars in our bodies, we start to develop a need for it. Thus, leading to mood swings. You don't have to completely cut sugar out of your diet right here and right now. But, try it out once a week and see just how much happier you become without it. And it won't just be for today. You'll see a shift in your mood tomorrow as well. If you do happen to be suffering from a sugar addiction, it could take your body up to 3 days to recover from withdrawal so be gentle with yourself.

2- Place your hand on your heart

It's really simple and can even be done while you're working. Take one hand or both and place it/them over your heart. When you do, you'll bring your own vibration into one of love. Keep your hand(s) there for as long as you need to and do it whenever you need a boost of higher vibes.

3- Let ALL of your emotions out

You may be thinking that this is counterproductive, but just you wait. If you're angry, feel it. If you need to cry, allow the tears to flow. If you need to scream, do it. Whatever emotion that you're facing is there for a reason. But don't take it out on someone. And it's not irrational or illogical for you to be feeling what you feel. So, let it all out. When you do, you'll feel so much calmer and collected. Versus the 10 minutes ago when you were on the precipice of a World War in your own mind. Just allow everything to come. After, take a step back and ask yourself why you felt the way you did. Usually, it tends to be our lack of control over a situation. From there, you can catch the thoughts as they come and eventually, learn that it's really there as a lesson for you to overcome. And then, the thoughts aren't as prevalent in your life as they used to be.

Yes it can be that easy. We live in a world that absolutely insists on complicating things, but it can be rather simple.

All you have to do is skimp on the sugar in your morning cup of Joe, or even add a natural sweetener such as monk fruit, connect to your heart center, and take control of your emotions by giving into your emotions.

So, start vibing higher and with that alone, we can make this world a much better place.

Eva WexlerComment