5 holistic hacks to overcome the midday slump

I’m sure you’ve been there…feeling sluggish and lethargic around 3:00pm. Knowing that you only have a couple of hours left at work doesn’t help the cause either. In fact, it only makes it worse.

So, you run to the local coffee shop for that cup of Joe with sugar only to get a temporary “high.” Then you curse yourself once you get home only to make a vow that you won’t do it again tomorrow.

The next day comes and you’re in repeat mode. It winds up being a vicious cycle of debauchery. Yup, I get it. Been there numerous times and it’s really not much fun or good for us.

Because I wanted more natural ways to cure the midday slump, I was able to find holistic ways to alleviate it. Here they are:

  1. BREATHE IN AND OUT THROUGH YOUR RIGHT NOSTRIL- Yes, you can actually breathe your way into alertness. and it’s super simple and free. All you have to do is place your right index finger gently against your left nostril to keep it closed. Then, take long and equal inhales and exhales through the right nostril. Do this until you feel that surge of energy entering your body.

    While this post is dedicated to staying alert during the day, you can apply this same technique to the left nostril at night if you’re having trouble falling asleep.

  2. ACUPRESSURE- According to ancient Chinese medicine which is still in practice today, we have meridian points located throughout our body which correlate to different organs and therefore impacting our health, including our energy levels. Here’s one acupressure point that really stimulates you. Take both of your index fingers and draw a line from the top of each ear until you reach the center of your head. That’s where the acupressure point is. Once you’ve located it, all you have to do is gently massage it until you wake up.

  3. USE ESSENTIAL OILS- Yes, it works! Lemon, grapefruit, orange, and peppermint oils are really great for invigorating and adding that extra jolt. All you gotta do is keep some bottles at your desk and sniff away every time you start to feel a little slump in your energy levels. You can even use them to make a body scrub for your showers in the morning. You can get that recipe here.

  4. DRINK WARM LEMON WATER- While warm lemon water is raved about (especially by me on several occasions) to drink first thing in the morning, it also provides a pick me up during the dreaded afternoon crash. It balances out your PH levels thus in turn providing you with the much needed extra boost of energy.

  5. GO FOR A WALK- Instead of going to the local coffee shop when you’re crashing, go for a walk around the block. The sun fueled with getting out of your office chair will naturally lift you up. Plus, it’s an excuse to get a much needed break from work.

    And there you have it. Super simple, easy, and organic ways to wake up and stay alert. go and conquer the rest of your day like the maven you are!

    Try one, some, or all of these hacks. Please do share this with anyone that could use these techniques.

Eva WexlerComment