The superstition about your Venus Return

What is a Venus return?  Your Venus return is the moment that Venus returns to the exact location at the moment you were born (which you can find out on various websites dedicated to astrological birth charts).  So, if you're interested in astrology or would like to see your life having a certain va va voom, then this post is perfect for you.

Venus is the Goddess of love and governs all things associated with beauty, luxury, love, and money.  If you dedicate yourself to being in certain situations on the day of your Venus return, it is pretty indicative of how the next year will play out in the aforementioned facets of your life.  Say, your love life has been suffering and you feel depleted in that department, you can manipulate certain things to be advantageously beneficial to you. 

This isn't a time to stay indoors watching romantic movies hoping for someone to show up and charms your socks off.  This is meant for you to put yourself out there and show up for yourself with a huge part of it being what we choose to see. 

If you're in a crappy mood and you're constantly witnessing people throughout the day arguing, that's what your love life is probably going to be like for the next year.  Whereas, if you see couples holding hands and kissing or even witnessing a marriage, that's where your love life may be headed for the next year. 

If want your finances to improve, then brainstorming and jotting down ideas about money making tactics may be up your alley.  If you are watching a show or reading about the enormity of people's debts, then there's a good chance that the next year will be consumed with debt.  Remember, prior to the examples, I had put an emphasis on what we choose to see so making the most of this Venus return is going to improve the situation(s) in which you wish to see have that spark. 

Your attitude is everything. What you think about love, finances, beauty, and luxury will become your reality. Make it special. Make it count.

Luxuriate and spoil yourself without putting yourself in debt.  Wear the finest clothes that you have, or even splurge on a new outfit if you're in the financial means to do so, get a massage, get a blowout, a fresh mani and pedi, new makeup, and strut your stuff all the while feeling fantastic about yourself.  Make your Venus return the best that it's been so far in order to be the bearer of benefits. 


If you're at all confused as to how you can retrieve this information, please don't hesitate to contact me.  We're here for another in this wonderful community of life.  Stay beautiful.

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