Super Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo

Depending on where you live in the world, we will have a super blood moon total lunar eclipse in Leo at zero degrees on the 20th or 21st of January.  So, was what you just read even typed out correctly and what does this mean?  Well, yes but let's start with what an eclipse is.

A total lunar eclipse can only happen during a full moon and occurs when the earth, sun, and moon are perfectly lined up, with the Earth's shadow completely blocking the moon.  This also happens to be a blood moon which means that while the moon is in total shadow (blocked by both the sun and earth), the sun's light is passing through Earth and bending towards the moon making the moon appear to be blood red.  As if this isn't a lot to absorb, it also happens to be a super moon.  A super moon can only happen during a full moon when the moon is closest to Earth creating an illusion that it's much larger than it is.  This is really quite the cosmic phenomenon and will not occur again until 2021, so if you can get outside, take some time to soak in the wondrous beauty of the moon.

Now, onto the significance of this particular eclipse.  It is the last in the series of the Leo/Aquarius of eclipses for eighteen years since the nodes of the moon moved in Cancer/Capricorn back in November of 2018.  This brings the culmination of a two year cycle that was fueled with some turbulence.  Eclipses have a tendency to shake up our worlds, with both good and bad surprises.   For instance, the last total lunar eclipse that we had was July 27, 2018 and that happened to be my father's birthday.  The day before his birthday and the eclipse, I received a phone call that he had unexpectedly passed.  I'm not by any means saying that this is going to happen to everyone and I certainly wouldn't wish it upon anyone, but this is an example of how an eclipse can impact us and eclipse people and/or things out of our lives.  It also just so happens that the summer of 2017, when we had our first in the quartet of the Leo/Aquarius eclipses, I had first flirted with the idea of moving across the country.  Unforeseen circumstances had prevented me from making the trek, but now everything is coming to a closure in NYC and I will be moving in about a month.  As you can see, there is a silver lining.

…a blood moon which means that while the moon is in total shadow (blocked by both the sun and earth), the sun's light is passing through Earth and bending towards the moon making the moon appear to be blood red.

…a blood moon which means that while the moon is in total shadow (blocked by both the sun and earth), the sun's light is passing through Earth and bending towards the moon making the moon appear to be blood red.

Not to mention that the eclipse being at zero degrees makes this very karmic.  Being at the very beginning of a number sequence but also at the infinite, this means that we are now going to be embarking on new adventures, whether it be physically or psychologically or even both. 

With this also being the last of the Leo/Aquarius eclipse series at zero degrees, this will be an incredibly healing period if you allow it to be.  Why healing?  Because you're finally putting an end to what you don't wish to have in your life anymore.  It may sound like I'm contradicting myself when I said that eclipses bring unexpected surprises into our lives, but this particular one is more self-induced in a very good way.  You may all of a sudden leave the relationship that you longer wish to be in, decide that you want to quit your job and move across the country, give up bad habits, start a new health regimen, etc.  Basically anything drastic that will forever shape your life is what's in store for this eclipse.  It has the potential to be so transformational for your life changing it in ways that you never deemed possible up until now.  All of a sudden, you'll be empowered to take action into your own life and create your own opportunities instead of wishing things were different. 

For any of you that are novices to astrology, the moon is representative of the divine feminine and governs our emotions.  With this total lunar eclipse, we can see sensitivity within ourselves and if you're mindful enough, those around us.  Ever hear that the loonies come out during a full moon?  It's because everything within the moon is now completely full on the precipice of exploding, almost like a balloon injected with too much helium, hence people getting easily agitated during the occurrence of a full moon.  So, like any other full moon, it is a time to release and purge anything that needs to be gone.  Allow yourself to be energized by the moon while not allowing yourself to be absorbed by other people's energies is essentially what I'm saying.

This moon also happens to be in Leo, a fire sign, Mars is currently in Aries, another fire sign, and Jupiter is transiting Sagittarius, yet another fire sign.  Basically, there’s a whole lot of fire in the sky right now.  What this can mean is that our tempers can get pretty feisty if we don’t watch ourselves.  However, this can be such an awesome opportunity to get started on the projects that you’ve been putting off because the amount of cosmic forces up in the heavens right now will light the fire under your butt, providing you with the much needed impetus to get the ball rolling.

Because it is an eclipse, we do and will have less control over situations than we usually do, but that doesn't mean that you have to sit back and allow life to happen with time passing you by.  It actually makes it a perfect time to charge your crystals, take a bath, set your intentions for projects that you wish to see come into fruition, put into effect the endings that you know need to happen, and re-calibrate yourself.  Most importantly, it’s a time to enjoy yourself and create the life that you’ve been dreaming of!

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