Full moon- a time for releasing (working with the moon)

The full moon is when the moon’s hemisphere appears to be fully illuminated from Earth's surface.   It brings the culmination of the lunar cycle which lasts almost 30 days before it starts digressing through the various phases bringing us back to the new moon, when it is not visible from Earth. Symbolically, this is also an ending for us and everything that we would like to either bring into fruition from the culmination of our actions and/or to release all that built up gunk that is detrimental to our wellbeing.


Because the moon is at its fullest, it is also a great time to charge crystals, clear out tarot decks, and perform full moon rituals.  The potency starts one day prior until one day after so even if you're unable to do some moon magic the day of the full moon, the opportunity is there for you the day before and the day after.  You can charge your crystals by placing them on a windowsill that is facing the moon so that its reflecting directly on the crystals.  This will clear out all of the build up of unwanted energies in the crystals.  What I like to do is take filtered water and pour it into a glass jar with a lid, put some crystals in there, and let it charge under the moonlight.  I do this overnight so by the next day, I have water that has been activated by the moon along with the effects of the charged crystals.  Take out the crystals from the jar and either drink the water or pour it into a bath.  If you're going to do this, keep in mind to only use crystals that are water friendly. 


For tarot cards- take your deck(s) and place them outside if it's not raining and/or windy for several hours and let the moon work its magic on them.  It's that simple. 


For a ritual- if you've been following my moon phase manifestation that I posted here, then you'll remember the list of things that you had written down on a piece of paper that you will need for the full moon.  If not, then create a list of things that you would no longer like to have in your life on a piece of paper.  We need the four elements for this ritual to be just right so you will need some time.   Start with some yoga, preferably the moon salutations as to pay tribute to the divine feminine.  Then meditate on what you would like to release, 10 minutes will suffice.  After the yoga and meditation, draw a bath with Epsom salt to spiritually cleanse yourself and have a lit candle in the bathroom so that you have incorporated the three elements thus far; fire, water, and air.  While in the bath, focus on your intentions for this moon cycle with conviction.   When you're done, take your piece of paper outdoors and speak to the moon once again what you would like to release.  After saying everything once, take that paper and light it on fire allowing the remnants to fall to the earth. 


If there is a particular person or the energy from someone in the past that you can't seem to let go of, here is an effective spell for releasing.  But, you have to be ready to let them go in order for this to be effective.  What you will need for this are just a bay leaf and a gold pen.  Write down the name or action/ behavior that needs to be released on the bay leaf.  Burn the leaf in a small bowl and once the ashes have gathered, take it outdoors and bury it in the ground.

Feel free to comment below if you have worked with the moon’s energies before and what you thought about it.

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