Get off the ground (working with the moon)

We are now in phase two of our moon magic journey. If you happened to miss the last two, they are here and here.  The keyword for this is INITIATE

1-Action Plan

What are the steps necessary needed to achieve your goals?  If you want to lose weight, what will you be adding and eliminating into your diet?  Will you see a nutritionist?  Take healthy cooking courses?  Blacklist your favorite but unhealthy takeout place?  Make a list of what you need to do to get your feet off the ground.

2-Take Steps on the Action Plan

Make a list of everything needed to accomplish your goals. This can be a bit daunting, but you know what's been said a plethora of times; the first step is always the hardest.  Let's take the aforementioned example. Make an appointment with a nutritionist and show up for yourself.  If you don't have the monetary funds for it, go to the local health food store and pick their brains on vitamin rich food.  You may learn a great deal in the process.   Start implementing that good into your diet little by little and steering away from the bad little by little.  

3-Journal Your Progress

Start checking things off on that list and watch it dwindle away!   Also make notes on a separate piece of paper on what you're procrastinating on so that you know the areas of improvement needed, if any.  

4- Give it Back To The Universe 

Take the list of accomplishments and read it to the moon with gratitude and sincerity for what you have achieved so far.  Once you are finished, burn the list over a candle or light it outside and blow it into the wind.  Then take the list of what's left to do and read it to the moon as an intention.  Keep repeating this step every night until you get the courage to act upon it.

5- Express Gratitude

(This is the same as the previous post because I cannot stress this enough).  We simply cannot expect goods delivered to us when we have a sour puss attitude.  If people are rude to us, we don't really find incentive to be nice back.  This is how the universe works.  It feeds on our vibrations and energetic frequencies.  Be genuine and sincere for all of your blessings and thank the moon, universe, spirit guides, higher self, etc(whoever it is that you resonate with) for not only listening to you BUT already providing you with everything that you just asked for.

You're soon going to enter into phase 3 of you moon cycle manifestations so check back in a couple of days for the steps needed then. See you in a couple of days!

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