Alcohol Addiction Recovery Program

Is a one year Alcohol Addiction Recovery Coaching & Energy Healing program where you’re encouraged to gain empowerment, learn about yourself, travel the spiritual path, and develop a loving relationship with yourself.

Alcohol Addiction Recovery Program is for you if:

  • The traditional route of alcohol addiction recovery just doesn’t butter your muffin.   

  • You’ve tried it in the past or you’ve read the 12 steps, but you know that you need something different.

  • You’re also aware that you, as human are an energetic being so you want to get your energy moving around your body to heal every aspect of your life.  

  • You just need a gentle force to aid you.

What will we do together during the one year program?:

  • I'll walk you through an 11-step program that promotes vitality and self-growth.

  • I’ll help you in finding the WHY  behind your dis-ease.

  • I’ll help you to go from shame and humiliation into the doorway of happiness and abundance.

  • I’ll support your life goals.

  • I’ll teach you how to boost your confidence.

  • I’ll guide you in banishing those sugar cravings.

  • I’ll assist with getting your hormones in check.

  • I’ll help you to remove stagnant and toxic energy that’s been lingering in your body.

  • I’ll help you to find, reinforce, and maintain your purpose in life as a sober person.

  • I’ll hold your hand to make your decisions from here on out.

  • I’ll answer the questions that you have about life in sobriety.

  • I'll help you in cultivating a deeper connection with the Divine.

  • I’ll facilitate judgment-free, compassionate and sincere advice.

  • I’ll encourage you to be the provocateur of your revolution.

  • I’ll support the rebirth of a brand new you.

Which are the Alcohol Addiction Recovery Program 11 steps?

While the traditional route of alcohol addiction recovery, known as AA, has 12 steps, this program has been designed to have 11 steps.

11 signifies divine inspiration, illumination, enlightenment, and visionary power. Recognized as a master number in numerology, it is the wounded healer that has the ability to find the encouragement to keep trekking. As an avant garde, 11 symbolizes bridging the gap between both the conscious and subconscious minds to achieve a greater understanding of life.

Hence, why this has been fashioned in 11steps.


Faith will propel you to heights that you can’t even begin to imagine.  Even if you find that you’re unable to have faith in yourself, throw it to the Universe.  You are here for a reason.  You’re attempting to get sober or are sober right for now for a reason. You even had your own struggles with alcohol for a reason.  Trust in the process by having faith. 


Just because you decide that you want to sober up doesn’t mean that you have to debilitate yourself in other areas of your life for an entire year.  If you’re in a toxic relationship that drives you to drink, give yourself permission to leave.  If you’re at a job that you despise, go look for that new job.  If you want to go take a sober vacay to celebrate your new victory, go for it. You’ve already made a drastic change for your own health and wellbeing, there’s no reason to press pause on your life.  Develop spiritual practices to deepen your connection with the Divine.


Gratitude will expedite your recovery journey. While it’s certainly not the cure all, it will aid in healing from the guilt, anger, shame, and bitterness.  Even if you’re in massive debt, suffering from a humiliation hangover, and feel like your world may be crumbling before your way eyes, you can still find gratitude for your own sobriety and for being alive with a fresh and new perspective.  Thank the Universe first thing every morning and every evening before you go to sleep for at least three things that you’re grateful for.


The first rule is to accept and forgive yourself for anything that you may have done during your debaucherous moments.  Accept and forgive that this was just a process in your journey.  Secondly, accept and forgive others for any wrongdoings.  Even if they inflicted pain and suffering upon you.  Everyone does the best that they can whether you can see it or not.  Anyone’s abuse towards you was just a reflection of their own pain.  It’s not right or wrong, it just is.  If you find it too hard to forgive others at this moment, take your time.  This isn’t a rush to the finish line.  This is only a step in your recovery journey.


When you learn to cultivate a loving relationship with yourself, you stop externalizing your power.  You don’t give it away to anyone or anything; including alcohol.  In order to have success in your sobriety, you need to love yourself.  What happened yesterday or the last time you were drunk or the time(s) you lied, makes no difference.  That was yesterday.  Today is called the present for a reason; because it is a present.  Start building a relationship with yourself and find out who you are as a sober person.  Love yourself just as you are.  Relish every delectable ounce of yourself.


Quitting drinking does not make you powerless.  Quite the opposite.  You are powerful because you put down the bottle for good.  Getting sober means that you have the power over your addiction. You chose to relinquish what was no longer serving you.  That takes an immense amount of strength and power.   It’s time for you to see just how powerful you are.


You now have a new lease on life because this is where you get to start fully experiencing life as you know it.  Which means that this is where you get to show the world a whole new better improved version of yourself.  Smile at someone, genuinely ask someone how their day is going, buy a cup of coffee for a friend, send a message to someone that you’ve lost contact with.  If you’re feeling extra ambitious and don’t know what to do with all your new found spare time, volunteer at a local charity.  Little acts of paying it forward will go such a long way in your recovery.  You’re already seeing things from a different set of eyes, so they might as well be one of optimism and kindness towards others.


Whether you were drinking for one year or 20 years before you stumbled upon sobriety makes no difference.  Because even before your drinking days, you’ve conditioned yourself to think a certain way about yourself.  Which is what led you to drinking in the first place.  Now it’s time to release those negative thought patterns and find who you are without alcohol.  Remember, there is no good or bad.  Everything needs to be embraced fully in order to come into your own power.  Let yourself shine!


No one is perfect.  Therefore, perfection is unattainable.  So you might as well start enjoying the parts of yourself that you deem to be negative.  What you may think to be unattractive about yourself may be the very reason that someone else admires you.  In embracing your weaknesses, they simply diminish into another realm.  You won’t even be fazed by it as time goes on because it will no longer be existent or prevalent to how you conduct your life.  And eventually, those weaknesses may even become your strongest attributes.


In order for you to truly be happy in your own sobriety, you have to own you who are.  Yes, that time you got a DUI/DWI, the times that you went into a fit of rage when you were annihilated, even the times that you blacked out and can’t remember what you did, you need to own up to it.  OWN it all.  There are no coincidences, only synchronicities.  Everything happens for a reason.  Your pain can be someone else’s inspiration one day.  It may not seem like it now, but it will make sense when the pieces of the puzzle of your life start to fall into its rightful place.


There’s a deeply rooted belief within you that led you to drink until you started to drown your sorrows in it.  Maybe your parent(s) were alcoholics.  But, that’s only 50% of the reason.  Where’s the other 50% coming from?  Did it give you the chance to feel everything and yet nothing?  Did you not want to feel left out at parties when everyone else was drinking?  Did it garner you with the ability to possess superhero moxie?  Whatever it is, it was both an act of escapism and a coping mechanism for you. When you find out why you started to drink in the first place, all of the steps of this manifesto will not only make more sense but will be so much simpler to work through.  

And voila! Your 11 step process to aid you in your own journey of sobriety.  There are no time limits as to how long this should take you.  As you fluctuate and evolve, each step will change to suit your needs.  Take your time and enjoy your new life: a brand new you!

Who am I and why you should work with me?:

I know you pain. And if you can have someone who has struggled with their own addiction so knows about the trials and tribulations and just so happens to be an energy healer, you’d be in heaven.

As someone who did struggle with alcohol addiction for over a decade before I got sober, I’m all too familiar with the nuances of what it entails to be in sobriety.  And especially how the beginning stages can feel more like the road to perdition.  Also, as a deep energy healer (I get into your subconscious mind) to remove the blockages which resulted in your addictive behavior, together, we’re able to create a life that you know you’re worthy of having.

With me, you would rejoice in having guidance on how to be successful in your recovery journey while deepening your spiritual practices.

Is the Alcohol Addiction Recovery Program online?

Yes. Our sessions will be through zoom.

Sessions are every week and each session is 2 hours. The first hour is a discussion/coaching session and the second hour energy healing.

How do I start my Alcohol Addiction Recovery Program?

You’re ready to change your life, so am I. Let’s have a loving 45-minutes free consultation to be sure the Alcohol Addiction Recovery Program is the right fit for your needs.

What’s the Investment?

Sobriety is Priceless, and I am committed to making it possible for you. 

Alcohol Addiction Recovery Program 1-year $60,000

or 12 monthly payments of $5,500

*Prices are in USD

**Apply terms and conditions