Meet your concierge of personal development.


As a recent transplant from the Big Apple to the City Different (Santa Fe, NM), I’ve definitely gotten more kumbaya, but still suffer from the dreaded New York snark. Which is why I’m (and hopefully you’re) here!

To grow. To come into my own power.

Amongst my many obsessions, there are two major ones: self-development within the esoteric realm and working.

Through my own struggles in trying to find who I am, which naturally resulted in an identity crisis, I realized I want the involution journey while remaining ambitious and driven.

So, I’ve created a fusion between the two in order to bridge the gap. See, there tends to be this pre-conceived notion that if you’re traveling the spiritual path, you shouldn’t want more money. I’m here to say f*ck that. If you stay where you are, that’s called complacency. Nobody wants that for themselves. Hell, the Universe doesn't even want that for us.

That’s right…here you get to find your solace from the burdens of everyday life while being a BADASS goal conquering warrior!

But maybe you’re just looking to live a more holistic lifestyle, or gain a little inspiration, or just get in the right head space so you can have a better sex life with your partner. Excuse the bravado. I’m a quintuple Sagittarius. But, my point is that they are still goals. Goals that you deserve to have.

The bottom line is that our goals fuel our happiness for self-sustainability. So, say sayonara to that vision board of yours because it’s time to turn your dreams and aspirations into a reality.

If you simply want freebies, or energy healing, or even health coaching to help you get your life to where you wish it to be, you’re in the right place.

Oh, and I’m Eva :)

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