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As a quintuple Sag, beating around the bush simply isn’t my forte. So, I’m just gonna get right in the heart of the matter. I’m a recovering alcoholic and as I’m writing this, it’s been just over three years. After struggling with the addiction for nearly 11 years, AA and rehab were out of the question when I decided to sober up because of prior negative experiences.

During my journey of recovery, I created a version of the 12 step program. In challenging the convention and dominance of AA, you are being offered a different perspective on what sobriety means. Discovering what you truly need to be successful in your own recovery process, you are garnered with the ability to come into your own power.

I’m not here to nurture the disease. I’m here to lend a helping hand by showing you how to nurture yourself and find the WHY behind your dis-ease.

With the integration of spirituality, you’re guided to be the person that you’re meant to be; an empowered warrior.

After all, we’re all spiritual beings having a physical existence.

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